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About Us


CCP, an IQVIA Company, is a Health Informatics business that revolves around the collection and enrichment of healthcare data.

Our Goal and objective is to manage Health data and applying health Information technology systems to help health providers give better healthcare to their patients.
We want to advance the field of medical Informatics by innovative methods and Tools to educate health professionals and the public.

  • Focus of Well being of Patients
  • Support Patients in staying healthy
  • Assist Health providers deliver better healthcare

Our mission

We want to contribute to the improvements in healthcare quality, efficiency and outcomes through providing information.

Core to this mission is our commitment to continuous improvement in our academic program and our contributions to the healthcare and informatics communities.

We want to use today’s advanced information systems (digital mediums) to create more efficient and productive healthcare environments

Health Information

Health Information

Patients should have access to High quality Health Information. CCP promote development and use of informatics solutions to improve health of the public.
We reach patients and educate them on their medication and diseases relevant to them.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We help build the trust factor in customers by Improving customer experience in Pharmacies. To maintain a healthy, vibrant environment that provides meaningful services to patients.

Medical Education

Medical Education

It is essential that health professional keep their skills and knowledge up to date. CCP develops core competencies and curricula for medical informatics by providing Further education to health professionals. We want to drive quality and safety in healthcare. We help equip healthcare providers with information to enhance the way they deliver health care. We provide Professional Education and Development program (online)

Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology

We use modern technologies such as mobile and web to have a positive impact upon patient care and health systems. By Embracing digital mediums we can promote and integrate medical informatics in Healthcare.

Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure access to healthcare information.
We discover, implement, and support secure health information technology and services that are:


CCP, a IQVIA Company

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