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Health Professionals

Pharmacy Professionals Information

We encourage all health care providers and care givers to continue their education, regardless of what is required by law. We want to ensure that Patients get the best care they possibly can.
We develop core competencies and curricula for medical informatics by providing Further education program to health professionals.

Importance of ongoing learning in a healthcare setting

Welcome to CCP Health informatics

Healthcare Provider Program

We want to drive quality and safety in healthcare. Learning presents a special opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all Health care providers.We help equip healthcare providers with information to enhance the way they deliver health care.
Medical Training

Medical Training

Training professionals

Health care education is the key to improving patient outcomes, ensuring quality Care to Patients

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Online Program

Online Program

24/7 Easy quick access

It’s often difficult to have quality learning time during the everyday work day, especially with how tight schedules can be. With this online program, employees will be able to access educational resources to better careers and patients’ lives at any time that suits them.

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